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In this community resource guide, I will share the EBT customer service number with you.

The EBT phone number (also known as the Lone Star Card phone number) offers a helpline that you can dial for assistance related to your food stamp benefits. This number will differ from the generic Texas Health and Human Services number you may have originally dialed to apply for food stamps.

I’m Nick Bryant, with Houston Case Managers, where we help citizens to better understand Houston community resources like dialing the correct EBT card phone number when you already have benefits.

Continue reading and I will explain which number you should be dialing to connect with an EBT customer service representative.

What Is The Texas EBT Number?

The number for food stamps is 800.777.7393. Dialing this number will put you in touch with an EBT customer service representative who can help you with issues regarding your EBT/Lone Star card.

Generally, you should only be dialing 800.777.7393 if you are already approved for Texas food stamps and have an EBT card. If you have not been approved for food stamps in Texas but want to apply you can dial 877.541.7905.

Editor’s Note: People refer to a Texas food stamp card in a number of different ways. If you hear any variation of the following terms don’t be confused because they all mean food stamp card. EBT card, Lone Star card, and SNAP card are different ways of referring to a Texas food stamps program.

What Can The Texas EBT Customer Service Number Help You With?

You can call the EBT card phone number at 800.777.7393 to resolve the following EBT card related issues:

  • If your EBT/Lone Star Card was stolen, you can call this number to get a replacement. It typically takes 7 days to mail you a new EBT food stamp card.
  • You can check your balance by calling the food stamp 1800 number.
  • The Lone Start helpdesk also allows you to learn about your history of food stamp purchases and transactions.
  • Learn about Texas P-EBT benefits.

What Number To Dial If You Need To Apply For Food Stamps In Texas?

If you do not have food stamps, you can apply for benefits by dialing the Texas Health and Human Services number at 877.541.7905.

In addition to applying for SNAP benefits, you can apply for Medicaid, CHIP, WIC, TANF, and other government benefits.

What Is The Texas P EBT Phone Number?

You can dial 833.442.1255 to speak to a customer service representative with the pandemic electronic benefit transfer program in Texas.

The summer P EBT food stamp benefit is a one-time payment of $375 for each eligible child. In general, to qualify for this Texas food stamp program you will need to either:

  • Have a child from kindergarten to 12th grade who qualifies for reduced-price meals via the School Lunch Program or…
  • You are a household that receives SNAP benefits and has children in your home.

You can learn more about the summer P EBT benefit program by calling 833.442.1255 or visiting the Pandemic EBT webpage.

Which Texas Food Stamp Number Should You Call?

The food stamp you call will depend on what your specific need is. The table below will help you to better understand which Texas food stamp to call to get the assistance you need.

What Is Your Need?Here Is The Food Stamp Number You Should Call

I need to apply for food stamps in Texas.

877.541.7905. This is the main number to Texas Health and Human Services.

How to apply for pandemic EBT benefits in Texas?

833.442.1255. This is the P EBT phone number where you can sign up for a one-time payment of $375 per eligible child.

I lost my EBT Card.

800.777.7328. Call the Lone Star Card helpdesk to report a lost or stolen EBT card.

Forgot my EBT card pin number.

800.777.7328. The Lone Star Card helpdesk can also help you to change your 4-digit pin number for your EBT card.

I need to check my food stamp balance.

800.777.7328. This is the number that you can call to check your EBT card balance or any past purchases.

Check the status of a food stamp application I submitted.

877.541.7905. Call Texas Health and Human Services to check the status of a Texas food stamp application.

How to report someone who is misusing food stamp benefits.

800.436.6184. If you suspect abuse or fraud related to SNAP benefits you can call this number to the Office of Inspector General.

I need to report a change in income.

877.541.7905. You can report a change in income to Texas Health and Human Services. If your income decreases it’s important to report this change because you could qualify for more monthly food stamps.

How to find food aid programs and Texas food pantries near me.

877.541.7905. You can call Texas Health and Human Services which will then connect you to the local United Way helpline in your area. United Way can direct you to social services like food assistance, housing, employment, medical, mental health, and more.

What Is The Difference Between The 800.777.7393 vs. 877.541.7905 Texas Food Stamp Numbers?

The 800.777.7393 number is the one you call after you’ve applied and been approved for food stamps and have an EBT card. They manage your benefits at this number.

You’ll want to call 877.541.7905 for any service related to applying for food stamps.

Both numbers are related to Texas food stamps but one is used to manage your food stamp benefits while the other is used to apply for food stamp benefits.


If you have already been approved for food stamps and have a question about benefits you can call the Texas EBT number at 800.777.7393. At the Texas food stamp 1800 number, you will be able to learn about your food stamp balance, report a lost EBT card, or change your pin number.

Now, if you need to apply for SNAP benefits, you will need to contact Texas Health and Human Services at 877.541.7905 (or apply online at Your Texas Benefits). This is the number to call when you are first enrolling in the food stamp program.

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