Stole Thousands from GoFundMe & Refuse to Give It Back | The Truth About Apple Watts & Sister (2023)


Took Thousands from Sister's GoFundMe & Refuse to Give it Back | The Truth About Apple Watts #storytime #modernwomen #vh1


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Anything we do money.

She loves like she collected over 30 000 and hasn't provided apple with anything apple watts is a 37 year old model and rapper she's, originally from los angeles, california.

She came up in a really rough background.

Growing up in the foster system in south central she ended up becoming a stripper, an adult film star and then from there.

She went on to appear in music videos with artists like future, but the single mother of three is most known for her appearances on vh1's love and hip-hop, the hollywood franchise on march 23, 2022 apple watts, was involved in a serious car accident when she was driving from los angeles to las vegas.

She fell asleep behind the wheel, leaving her car in flames and ending up in the hospital.

If you're not aware of the situation, really quick I'll brief, you apple watts.

She was headed northbound on I-15 in baker.

California, when she fell asleep behind the will of her black mercedes and collided with a ford, f-250 pickup truck her car flipped multiple times and burst into flames when it came to a stop, cops say that one of the passengers inside the f-250 saved her life.

(Video) Stole Thousands from GoFundMe & Refuse to Give It Back | The Truth About Apple Watts & Sister

By pulling her out of the burning mercedes, she was then life flighted to a nevada hospital.

She suffered a fractured skull, a broken spine and a shattered arm.

Apple watts fought for her life as she was in a coma for some time and she's been on a very long road to recovery.

For over five months, the reality star had to have neck surgery.

It was just a lot going on and she's been bedridden ever since.

So now she is able to speak and she's saying a lot.

She spoke with a reporter from the shade room.

Aaron got her own sister, who she said, scammed her and neglected her, while apple watts was on her deathbed.

She says it was her sister who allegedly stole money from her.

A gofundme was started to help her with her medical expenses, but her sister is the one who had access to the money and apple watt says that she's never received any of the money.

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I definitely want to hear from you not going to waste any time.

Let's go ahead and jump into it from my house, myself.

Apple watt says that her fans showered her with love after the crash donating thousands of dollars on gofundme.

There were donation campaigns that she says were set up by her sister dominique flanois.

How much money was raised for you around twenty thousand? A hundred and fifteen thousand watts says that her insurance does not cover the intense physical therapy and medical supplies that she needs to recover.

She says that she's been paying five thousand dollars per week on physical therapy.

It's my health, everything I can't get my money for.

My physical therapy watts claims that she stayed with her sister for a brief period after the crash before she was transported back to her home city.

Las vegas and I've seen her three times when I was there for a week and a half only seen her this time like that's it.

Her former manager and power of attorney hazel brown says that she went to go visit apple watts and was stunned to see how she was living.

She sent us a clip of flanois instagram story.

She says that the room apple was staying in was cluttered with items a lot of clutter, a lot of trash, a lot of old things.

(Video) Apple Watts EXPOSES Sister for Stealing her $45k GoFundMe Money & More! FULL ViDEO & Detials 😲

It was just a bed inside of her living room and um.

Her wheelchair was there um her sheets and stuff weren't, really clean um.

I was there for a total of seven hours and the only time that dominic changed.

Her is when I mentioned something to her about her changing wow.

So her sister went around collecting the gofundme money from supporters.

Didn't give her the money and left her filthy, wouldn't clean her up or anything crazy thing is.

She could have used some of that money to pay a nurse to help her out, but not only did she fail to look after her and clean her up, but she wouldn't hire a nurse to do it either.

Now, I'm with the manager in apple wats on this one, her sister is wrong.

She is out of order, but let's go ahead and keep watching.

I never took his hand.

She never wanted me to get an attack because she didn't want to carry me upstairs without my boyfriend being there changing my diaper give me a bath saving me and I haven't saved myself a month, and I know it's hard to understand what she's saying a little bit, because she had a feeding tube in her and she's just starting to talk again.

But what she was saying was that her sister did not help her at all.

If it wasn't for her boyfriend who came over there to clean her up and all that stuff, without his help, she would have just sat there and filled because her sister would not help at all.

Did you notice any difference in her behavior or her activity? Was she going out to the club? Was she you know flaunting that she had all this money? Oh yeah, absolutely everybody started to notice.

Um uh people will see her out at the casino gambling um it's facebook posts like oh, my kids are so spoiled it's like four and five hundred dollars for a pair of shoes.

I just think that she just kind of like I feel, like she kind of got like addicted to the attention that she was getting with apple and um.

She just didn't do what she was supposed to do.

Her sister is really trifling.

She went out gambling with her money at the casino went buying her kids 500 shoes, but left apple watts up there in dirty, diapers she's, wrong.

There's no way around it.

Brown says that she started getting suspicious when apple began, asking for the gofundme donations.

She said.

Well, once you get like your feeding tube, we are tranq out, then we'll be able to I'll give you a money, and you know you can get the therapy and whatever else that you need for it, she was being released sooner than expected, but I seen like dominique like tell her.

Like you know, maybe you should just stay a little bit when apple actually moved under the impression that she was gonna like get her money and be able to.

(Video) VH1’s Apple Watts Accuses Her Sister Of Stealing Thousands From Her GoFundMe | TSR Investigates

You know, get her therapy um.

The fact that she didn't even have a bed for apple was the thing that made me know like okay.

She don't have the money before so you think she blew it all absolutely yeah.

If you ain't here since day, one you, you will never be there.

This was flanoy on march 26, shortly after the crash she went on.

Facebook live bashing.

People who set up gofundme campaigns on apple's behalf, y'all see that gofundme account.

Don't don't contribute to that because that's not me and my family didn't do that me and my friend is putting together a fundraiser for vegas, but I'm protecting her.

Now I'm gonna be right here with her.

Every day.

Every day I can back in august the shade room first reported a series of responses from dominic flenoy on instagram.

One saying quote: I never did this ever, but just so y'all know, mental health is real and snakes in your garden is believable, realistic.

Another post calling out wats's boyfriend, ty williams for forcing her to return to vegas prematurely.

This post, saying quote: she'd been at my house for almost a month.

Tai was only at my house.

For a week.

I got kids.

How you only see me three times what man in their right mind would take a person in the condition, my sister in all the way to vegas.

If you cared for her, you would tell her to focus on what needs to be done.

Her medical is cali.

Her court case is in cali.

Something is wrong with him.

He can't take care of her.

She says I give up I'ma, give her her money and she can get on with her bum blank blank.

(Video) Apple Watts Sister Domonique Responds After Being Accused Of Stealing Her Go Fund Me Money! 💰

You see how fast they flip now she's calling her a bum, b and she's talking trash about her and her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend picked her up from her sister's house in california because she was allowing her to stay in field and it wasn't just apple watts, saying it her manager.

She said the same thing when she went over there to visit her for seven hours.

Her sister did not change her, not once until she said something about it.

So how is she saying that her boyfriend can't take care of her? When apple said it was her boyfriend who came over to help her out when her sister wasn't taking care of her and the craziest thing is she didn't want to take care of her, but she wanted to keep her money.

That's the only reason why she was mad that her boyfriend picked her up.

She didn't want to lose access to money and she knew that she would keep asking for her to pay her the money back.

That's all it's about.

I need my life back and I and ain't no returning after this.

Every time I was in the hospital she'll see me at exactly two hours before the hospital left and they're going to get drunk somewhere with a guy.

How have you been paying for your medical bills? I'm sure they're mounting people, my friends been helping me and I'm waiting for my credit card for my gold.

For me, I'm talking better now I just stand up.

I just can't feel my right side but everything's getting good she's lucky to be alive, and I really believe she's going to make a full recovery.

She's got a very long road ahead of her, and you know the sister made a comment after calling her a bum b saying that she wanted her life back, fair enough apple watts isn't really her sister's responsibility but where's the money.

You want your life back and she's needing all her money.

Back too, you knew you didn't want to take care of her, which is why you should have told her the truth before she left the facility.

You should have told her that you could not be her caregiver and you didn't have the money to give her, because you blew it all at the casino and on your kids, and I don't care if you have kids that doesn't give you the authorization to steal your sister's money.

She's got kids too first lesson here, for everyone be careful when you're driving don't drive when you're, tired or under the influence, I'm not sure what caused apple to fall asleep.

I don't know if she was just tired, but you don't want to drive in that state, putting your life in the lives of others in danger, and then, when it comes to family, all I can say is watch out for your family too.

Let's go ahead and get the conversation started below.

Do you agree that dominique her sister is out of order for taking her money and not taking care of her special shout out to jeffrey corey, julian donald- and I can't forget about my day, one supporters, our brother dark power and our sister trey shell want to see more content like this.

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Ladies fellas want a balance.

(Video) Apple Watts Talks Sister TAKING $30K GoFundMe And How Her Accident REALLY Happened

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What really happened to Apple Watts? ›

On 24 March 2022, it was revealed Watts, who was 36 at the time, had been involved in a serious car accident. It was reported that Watts was travelling in her Mercedes in Baker in Los Angeles to Las Vegas when she was involved in a collision with a Ford F250 pickup truck.

Did Apple Watts fall asleep behind the wheel? ›

on March 23rd, she says that she fell asleep behind the wheel. she crashed into another car. and was ejected from her vehicle. she suffered from a fractured skull, a broken spine, and a shattered arm.

Was Apple Watts drunk driving? ›

Officials are still investigating the cause of the accident but currently, do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident. Watts rose to fame after starring in seasons 5 and 6 of the VH1 series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood which chronicled her life as a stripper trying to break into the music industry.

What happened to Apple Watts off of Love & Hip Hop? ›

She was travelling in her black Mercedes in Baker from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Her car flipped multiple times after it was involved in a collision with a Ford F250 pickup truck. Apple from Love and Hiphop sustained major injuries, including a shattered spine, broken arm, and fractured skull.

Has Apple Watts recovered? ›

Apple Watts has resiliently worked toward recovery after the traumatic and nearly fatal car crash she survived in March 2022. The former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star posted a video update regarding her mobility June 17.

Why is Apple Watts on life support? ›

'Love And Hip-Hop' Star Apple Watts' Reportedly On Life Support Following Serious Car Accident. Prayers up! Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood star Apple Watts' was injured a serious car accident.

Will Apple Watts be able to walk again? ›

They have revealed that even after recovering, Apple Watts may not be able to perform her daily functions typically. The doctors have shared that Watts may not be able to feed herself and walk normally.

How does Apple know your time in bed? ›

According to a press release from Apple, “Using signals from the accelerometer and heart rate sensor, Apple Watch can detect when users are in REM, Core, or Deep sleep.” Currently, your Apple Watch can kind of guess how much you've slept if you turn on “Sleep Focus,” based on how much you move around while you sleep.

How often do people fall asleep behind the wheel? ›

Did You Know? In a CDC survey, an estimated 1 in 25 adult drivers (aged 18 years or older) reported having fallen asleep while driving in the previous 30 days.

How many children does Apple Watts have? ›

She has three children, Richard, Kali and Miyaki Watts, from previous relationships.

Who was the guy that drove through the Apple store? ›

Bradley Rein, 53, drove up onto a sidewalk on November 21, 2022 crashed through the store's glass door, went across the sales floor and slammed into a rear wall, striking and killing a 65-year-old construction worker who was in his path, Plymouth County Assistant District Attorney David Cutshall said in court.

What is Apple Watts real name? ›

Apple Watts, whose real name is Jontelle Lafaye Watts, was brought to safety by a passenger in the aforementioned pickup truck.

Why did Dawn go to jail from Love and Hip Hop? ›

Dawn Heflin is a booking agent, publicist and entertainment manager, originally from Miami, Florida. She has an extensive criminal history, having spent time in prison for drug trafficking and credit card fraud, once sharing a cell block with her future Love & Hip Hop co-star Karen King.

Who made it big from Love and Hip Hop? ›

Many are notable figures in hip hop, including Jim Jones, Remy Ma, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Scrappy, Trina and Trick Daddy, as well as R&B artists like Ray J, Keyshia Cole and music producer Stevie J.

What happened to Miracle Watts? ›

They claimed that pregnant content creator Kayla Nicole and fellow influencer Miracle Watts were a part of the La Brea car crash. However, the two internet personalities have since debunked the claims. Today, Miracle Watts took to her Instagram story and posted: “I Am Ok.

When did Apple Watts have her accident? ›

Love & Hip Hop star Apple Watts has been rushed to hospital after a severe car crash in Baker, California. Watts was driving a black Mercedes on Northbound I-15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas when the accident occurred on Wednesday (23 March).

Who is Apple Watts father? ›

John appears in a minor supporting role in season five of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood as the father of Apple Watts. The two did not have a relationship after Apple was born, and Apple spent her childhood and teen years in the foster care system, however they reconnected six years ago.


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