OFFICER I'VE BUILT BARRICADE! Karen Decided She is the Owner of my House r/MaliciousCompliance (2023)


OFFICER I'VE BUILT BARRICADE YOU CAN'T GET ME! Karen decided she is the owner of my house r/MaliciousCompliance


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OFFICER I'VE BUILT BARRICADE YOU CAN'T GET ME! Karen decided she is the owner of my house r/MaliciousCompliance


Hello friends and welcome back to malicious compliance stories, honestly I get that general manager had to say something, but still op is 100 just doing his job.

He got that soup about as hot as he could possibly make it, because that's what she asked for, but before we begin don't forget to subscribe to our Channel if you're new here and turn on notifications, so you don't miss a new video every single day.

Here we go.

This soup is cold years ago.

When I was a chef working in what was a fancy golf club for wealthy people.

You really got a very assorted bunch of people coming into the club and every so often an absolute weapon.

I was working in one of the smaller kitchens doing my own bar food and snacks for the members, and it was a particularly busy day and I was flat out.

One of the tables was booked for a group of four looking for a ladies lunch.

The first of the women arrive and orders a soup, as the waitress tells me that she's starving I put it on and finishing off.

Some of the other checks.

I had on see it's starting to boil, pour it in a bowl and send it waitress brings it back minutes later saying that the customer isn't happy and that it's cold I'm sitting there thinking strange, I, really thought I had that at a boil, hit it again and send it out, and the waitress literally bounced straight back to me, with the bow in hand, saying she's saying that the soup is cold.

It's an open kitchen and I look over to see this woman in her late 60s who's still alone at the table.

With this look of disdain on her face, like I, was the help and it ruined her day by existing.

Now, if you've worked in the service industry, you know, Karen's are everywhere and I've always been on the approach of deflect and give them what they want.

Now, I put the suit back on and get her to.

A racing boil grab a bowl from the bottom of the hot press and have the weight you're standing there.

So it's served and straight out the poor waitress comes back minutes later with I'm.

So sorry, she's saying that the soup is cold, I glance over and see that she's still sitting there with this look in her face now, I'm starting to get pretty pissed off.

It's not like dealing with this woman was the only thing I had on either it's the middle of a busy lunch rush with loads of orders coming in, and this is effing up any flow I'm getting going so I put more soup on this time.

I've got it on the hottest hob I've, also banged a soup bowl into the oven and crank it up to 300 degrees.

Once the soup had been in a racing boil for a couple of minutes, I pulled the bowl and it's like lava pour the soup in and it's so hot.

It's still boiling In the Heat of the bowl as the waitress takes it to the table.

Now the other guess on the booking have arrived and they're all sitting there chatting away, and she, without even looking at the bull, picks up a spoon and goes for it as soon as the soup hits her tongue.

She lets out the most Almighty scream and its Carnage people running all over the place with ice and cold water she's, throwing a fit that I've tried to kill her with soup.

When the dust starts to settle, take into the general manager's office and I'm getting hell, I asked them to grab the waitress they've been working with and get her to tell them what happened.

She backs me up the whole way and ended up just getting a don't, be smart and don't try to kill any more members.

Please that's the one, and only time in a 12-year career in some very good establishments, I've ever effed with somebody's food and our Second Story I'm kosher, but I need the lead.

Though I worked at a mall pretzel place, every mall has them.

There are a couple of things you should know about it, though this was right around when food allergies were becoming a big thing and gluten-free dairy free was a new Hot Topic.

You wouldn't believe the number of people who would Screech at me that we didn't have a gluten-free option at a pretzel place then buy one anyway, but that's another tale for another day.

Additionally, we had a large influx of people of other cultures and ethnicities, so we would often make sure if someone said vegetarian or vegan or no butter, that it was dietary, not religious or preference, and if using the butter which meat items like beef, hot dogs and pepperoni were also dipped in was okay, usually people who couldn't or wouldn't eat pork or beef would be thankful.

I mentioned it and we would use an alternative if need be, and two our regulars were a combination of Mall Walkers who bought nothing but took all the free samples and Mall employees who also took all the samples like it was completely acceptable because they bought a dollar coffee from us one time a month ago and their employee discount was life and death.

It's 10 percent.

These employees were the bane of my existence between the creepy older men, who would Wander over from the suit shops to leer and flirt with the 16 and 17 year old girls, and ask for infinite refills in a clearly very old cup to the rude employees who got angry over waiting for something they special ordered and the ones who got angry over not getting their employee discount on dollar pretzel day.

I crap, you not it's a damn dollar.

It was a struggle.

This story revolves around a specific employee who fell into the last two categories of model employees.

A true Karen before Karen's were a thing I, nicknamed God's greatest gift because seemed to think she was, and I still have zero idea.

What her actual name was, whether it was was her great accomplishment of working in a department store at 45 or her clear loyalty and kindness at frequenting our location multiple times a day for her snacks and drinks.

I, don't know anyway.

Sorry long intro we had a lovely cook from Ecuador who spoke mostly Spanish and would sometimes have to take the early orders when we just opened while I or another employee got the drawers ready, I walked in and heard a screech and turned around Karen has thrown her pretzel back on the counter and at the cook there's meat.

That's been on this I'm kosher.

How dare you stupid, inappropriate slur towards a Spanish speaker, I can't remember, but won't repeat, I apologize I said we would remake it if she regular issue.

Karen came just as we were opening to order a cheese, pretzel, an item not on our menu.

She wanted the pizza pretzel, but without the pepperonis it's a special order.

We don't often do, but its slow times can do if they're willing to wait.

It looked like the pretzel had been on the same tray as the other Pizza pretzels and a pepperoni had gotten caught in the melting cheese and was removed before being dipped in butter and given to the customer.

Now normally.

If someone has an issue of polite I'm, sorry but I can't have this, because I'm kosher or a vegetarian can be easily resolved with a remake in an apology.

Karen seemed to do this regularly whenever she didn't get exactly what she wanted.

I later found out.

She actually spoke fluent Spanish when she screamed at another cook for saying she was being rude: B in Spanish to another cook and at any time could have explained to cook if she needed something special.

So we remade the pretzel and Karen stood there, tapping her toes and mumbling about stupid, Mexicans, so I decided to comply exactly with what she said: I remade the pretzel and when it came out carefully removed it from the tray and places directly into the paper holder.

No butter I tried to hand it to her Karen where's.

The butter I want butter.

Me I'm, sorry man, but our butter is not Kosher.

You said you were kosher and our meat products contain pork and are dipped in the same butter.

I can't do that Karen, but I want butter.

Yes, ma'am, but I have to respect your needs and information.

You said you were kosher and I do not want to disrespect your faith in any way.

Note I grew up with quite a few kosher friends whose families were very strict and they let me know that not informing them or following kosher guidelines was a huge issue and very disrespectful.

So I always tried to be careful.

Karen I'm, not Kosher me, but ma'am you just yelled.

You were kosher and I thought we defended you by allowing a meat product to touch your pretzel Karen I'm, not nope, I.

Don't what just put it in the butter me.

Are you sure ma'am Karen? Yes, fine, whatever she took her pretzel and left by then it was probably cold and she didn't bother us for another month loved how you made her squirm until she caved in at the end and our last story, no sister, this house is mine, so I know how that sounds, but hear me out.

My sister lived with my aunt for six years, but my aunt died two years ago.

She left the house to my mother instead of my sister, because my sister's never been able to hold down a job and has been evicted three times for failure to pay.

My mom told her.

She could continue living in the house, but she would have to pay the taxes and the homeowner's insurance about 190 a month plus the electric bill.

What about Midway through last year she's yet to pay anything during the month and came to find out? She'd never put the electric bill in her name, and it rang up almost three thousand dollars on my dead aunt's account.

So having had enough, my mother gave her 30 days to be out last July when November rolled around she still hadn't left and my mother went down there.

She admitted she had never told her boyfriend, they were being kicked out and they hadn't even looked at anywhere to go around this time.

I offered to buy the house from my mother and that I would just start the process to evict them through the courts.

My mother volunteered to just give me the house, so I could raise my family in it.

It's about three times bigger than my current home: it's 3 600 square feet.

Well, last month I filed the unlawful detainer.

Two weeks ago we had court and she cried and cried in front of the judge, who ultimately told her that I had the deed and she had no lease and upon seeing all the bills.

My mother has to pay to keep the house from being seized, told her to get out within 10 days.

Well, yesterday was day 10 and they still haven't picked a single thing, so I filed to have the sheriff's department remove her by fours the department posted on her door that if she wasn't out within 72 hours, she would be charged with trespassing.

She and her boyfriend have been texting me almost non-stop.

Telling me I need to rescind it because they're going to be homeless and how could I do this to family I? Don't think I'm in the wrong they've had a year to figure this out.

My mother's had to pay their light bill for almost a year because they wouldn't let her just turn the power off because of covid I.

Look at it that every decision she's made in her 35 years of life, his letter to this I don't care if I don't have a relationship with her after this things have always been strained between us anyway, update Sheriff's Department went into remover.

Her boyfriend was arrested for his warrants.

The damages are mostly years of neglect and carelessness, not malicious.

As far as I can tell, the neighbors were thrilled to see her removed.

Apparently they fight all night long.

They did put a barricade on the basement and back doors that destroyed the door frames, though her choices are not your problem.

Her boyfriend's choices are not your problem.

If this is the hill, she wants to die on, so be it.

It's not your fault, she's, irresponsible, hey guys! Thank you all for watching the video I'll see you in the next one foreign.

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