Erik Estrada's (CHiPs) On- SET Motorcycle Accident ALMOST Took His Life! Did You Know? (2023)


Erik Estrada's (CHiPs) On- SET Motorcycle Accident ALMOST Took His Life! Did You Know?

One can take for grated all that actors do to entertain us on shows like this. Erik Estrada almost did not survive after his horrific accident on set. What happened? Well, I'll give you ALL the details as well as the aftermath. Let's take a look!
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Hey what's up guys and gals, my name is rick9g.

Thank you so much for joining me today.

We're going to be talking about the 1970s and 80s television show chips.

More specifically, I am going to focus on eric estrada who of course played frank poncharello on the show in his near death acts in it through his eyes in his own words.

So I do want to focus on that.

But first I want to thank you all for being great and loyal supporters of the channel.

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Let me know that you care that you enjoy the content.

Don't forget to do so.

Let's get right into it.

During an episode of chips, they were filming something and unfortunately it didn't go as planned, so they had to reshoot that specific scene, but unfortunately there were no stuntmen available.

In fact they found a young kid who happened to be hanging around the lot waiting to drive his truck home and they said hey.

Do you want to be in the scene and do this for us that, of course, guys and gals was the first mistake? They yelled action and the cameras began to roll now.

This was something that larry larry wilcox, as well as eric estrada, had done very many times on the show they were experienced on the bikes and they had people who would teach them how to do these stunts so that they would be safe.

So what they actually had to do was to run out of a warehouse jump on their bikes, their motorcycles and chase the car that was backing down the alley in reverse.

Now, that's all they had to do.

They had done it many times before it wasn't like.

It was the first scene they ever filmed, so things should have gone exactly as planned.

The differing factor there was the kid behind the wheel of that car.

Now, with the camera in the seat.

Next to him, he took off with peeling rubber and all just as he had been told.

However, no one told him where he had to stop.

That is where the mark was supposed to be so he decided he had to go far enough.

Unfortunately, he went too far he slammed on the brakes, but he did it too late.

Now, eric estrada was about 10 feet away from him and he never even got the chance to think about it because it happened so fast.

The next thing he knew he was hit by the car, and the only thing he had remembered was that he was on the hood of that car and it was coming up to him awfully fast.

Now he was sprawled across the ground.

He slammed his head onto the bumper, the car, having backed into him at around 35 miles an hour.

Now he slid, as I mentioned off, on the pavement, and was he injured absolutely so his wrist was completely shattered and he broke 12 ribs.

They were in fact fractured, and this had punctured and collapsed, not one but both of his lungs.

Now he started to see black light, so that is that blackout moment that you feel when you're passing out- and you heard loud noises in the ear, but that's about it, but then larry wilcox.

Seeing this he went and rushed right over to him.

Having been a vietnam veteran, he knew what a battlefield was like an injury, so he acted immediately, trying to ask eric if he knew who he was and if he was okay.

What was crazy was that he only had vague recollections of being lifted onto a bed and having his clothes cut away and a bunch of other memories of voices, shouting obscenities and things being put in his veins with the needle all these things.

That would make sense being in a hospital setting.

Now it hit home that it was hurt.

He was in intense pain and he would be in the intensive care unit at the ucla hospital here, in los angeles california, for about five days many many times he passed in and out of consciousness and he tried to wrap his head around exactly what happened and in fact, what was happening to him at that time.

Now he believes that he was absolutely close to death.

In fact, he says that he almost crossed over now.

He said that he had a really interesting and, according to him supernatural experience where he would see the blinking lights, the fluorescent lights of the hospital from the fixtures on the ceiling and he moaned, and he became aware that there were many faces around him.

His mother and her longtime boyfriend bill tannen, an old friend from new york, and he turned his head around to look and even his father was there sitting very pale and shriveled, as he says, in a wheelchair.

The only thing he could muster saying is it's great to see you all.

You came all the way from new york to be here with me.

There was no response from anyone around him.

It was as if he was invisible, so he actually recollects that he got out of bed and walked right up to them and said: hey, it's me mom and dad.

Don't you recognize me? They were staring apparently straight through him.

It was then when he saw himself at least his own body lying on the bed there.

He was inside an oxygen tent and he could see tubes stuck in him and machines all around him as they beeped here and there, and he realized.

Oh, my gosh.

That is me and he thought to himself I'm still in that bed.

But then what am I doing here? Standing looking at myself, he didn't have any answers for what happened.

He didn't have any answers at the point where he recollected this.

He just wanted to relay his thoughts and his experience.


What do you think guys and gals? Do you think that he was delirious? Was he having a real out of body experience? Was it a dream or did he step into eternity as he says for just a little bit? I always love to see your comments and thoughts down below in the comments and don't forget to leave them there.

We'll see you all next time, guys and gals, with more content from classic tv shows and most importantly, be hopeful.

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Erik Estrada's (CHiPs) On- SET Motorcycle Accident ALMOST Took His Life! Did You Know? ›

On Monday, August 6, 1979, Estrada was seriously injured while filming a scene on the set of CHiPs, fracturing several ribs and breaking both wrists after he was thrown from his 600-pound (270 kg) motorcycle.

Did Erik Estrada get hurt on CHiPs? ›

On Monday, August 6, 1979, Estrada was seriously injured while filming a scene on the set of CHiPs, fracturing several ribs and breaking both wrists after he was thrown from his 600-pound (270 kg) motorcycle.

Did Erik Estrada know how do you ride a motorcycle? ›

Erik Estrada did not have a motorcycle license at the time … although he did become a real police officer. To prep for the series, Estrada and Wilcox took motorcycle lessons from a police academy expert. The training paid off, as the two performed a good deal of their own riding.

Did the actors on CHiPs really ride motorcycles? ›

“CHiPS” used drones, helicopters and new technology specifically for the movie. Shepard did a lot of his own motorcycle stunts, including wheelies, riding on the beach and going up and down stairs. Peña had never ridden a motorcycle before, but learned to say lines while moving at over 75 miles per hour. “I can die.

Did CHiPs ride Harleys? ›

CHiPs will soon be riding Harleys (like the ones pictured). In the 1970s TV series, “CHipS”, California Highway Patrol officers Frank and Ponch, played by Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox rode Kawasaki 1000s.

What happened to Erik Estrada after CHiPs? ›

Estrada hit a bit of a slow spell after CHiPs was cancelled, acting in several TV shows and movies for the next decade. But, in 1993, he landed the part of Johnny in Dos Mujeres, Un Camino (Two women, One Path), a show for Televisia network.

How long was Erik Estrada on CHiPs? ›

On the show, there was no bigger star than Erik Estrada, who played Officer Frank Poncherello for 139 episodes from 1977 to 1983.

Did CHiPs ever pull their guns? ›

While trying to impress the females at the station by recounting an arrest, Ponch says "I pulled my gun..." The character never pulled his gun during the entire series. The only time it was shown out of the holster was in the final season during Hot Date (1983) when it was taken by a criminal.

Who holds the land speed record on a motorcycle? ›

The fastest motorcycles that are also street-legal have top speeds of around 250 mph. But all that is nothing compared to the motorcycle land speed record of 376.363 mph! The current record was set by rider Rocky Robinson on September 25, 2010, in Utah. Read on to learn how Robinson made motorcycle history.

Who was the first motorcycle to reach 100mph? ›

1925 Brough Superior SS100

Each bike was test ridden prior to delivery, certifying its ability to meet spec. The SS100 is credited as the first production bike to achieve 100 mph.

Did Clint Eastwood ride motorcycles? ›

Clint Eastwood

While Eastwood was only an occasional rider in his personal life, he rode motorcycles as part of several of his films.

Does Brad Pitt ride a motorcycle? ›

Brad Pitt. Apart from being one of the most famous actors in the world, Brad Pitt is also a motorcycle rider and collector.

Did Jax Teller really ride a motorcycle? ›

While we're talking about Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam, who played Jax Teller, is an avid motorcyclist and not just another one of those poser celebrities on motorcycles. “I ride the same bike that I rode on Sons,” he said. “A Harley Dyna Super Glide.

Did Fonzie ever ride a Harley? ›

Fonz in the early episodes rode a purple Harley Davidson knucklehead, probably a sportster. In later seasons, it was a mildly 'bobbed' Triumph Trophy 500.

Did John Wayne ride a motorcycle? ›

He was also a Pontiac guy, owning a Safari wagon customized by the one and only George Barris. Those big cars were no help for getting around film sets, though. He needed something small, easy to maneuver, and off-road ready: the SL350 motorcycle.

Did John Wayne ever ride a motorcycle? ›

One of the most famous American Hollywood actors of the early Western period is John Wayne, and while it might not be a publicly known fact, he enjoyed riding motorcycles. Furthermore, he even had a very special 1971 Honda SL350 Motorcycle that he rode a fair bit.

Did Erik Estrada ride the motorcycle in CHiPs? ›

Erik Estrada couldn't ride a motorcycle when he won the part of Frank Poncherello in CHiPs. Erik completed an intensive 8-week course to learn how to ride prior to filming!

How old was Erik Estrada in CHiPs? ›

What kind of motorcycle did CHiPs ride? ›

In the original TV series from 1977 to 1983, California Highway Patrol (CHiPs) officers Jon Baker and Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello, played by Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox, rode Kawasaki 1000s.

Why did Bonnie leave CHiPs? ›

According to a 1983 article that appeared in People, a lack of time spent with husband Gregory Harrison led to the actress's departure from CHiPs.

Was Bruce Jenner ever on CHiPs? ›

Bruce Jenner Stared As Officer Steve Mcleish He Appeared As The Principle Performer In Nbc-Tv Series Chips In 1981-82 History - Overstock - 24423848.

Who were the original CHiPs? ›

  • Erik Estrada.
  • Larry Wilcox.
  • Robert Pine.

What is the oldest chip ever? ›

The brand of chips credited as the first potato chip ever invented, Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips, is back on store shelves. Back in 1853, George Crum took a thinly-sliced Yukon Gold potato, fried it in cottonseed oil, added some sea salt and invented what I'd say is now America's favorite snack.

What chip has been around the longest? ›

After some trial and error, in 1954, Joe "Spud" Murphy, the owner of the Irish crisps company Tayto, and his employee Seamus Burke, produced the world's first seasoned chips: cheese & onion.

What is the fastest speed ever recorded? ›

The Outright Land Speed Record, which currently stands at 763.035 mph(1227.985 km/h), is the most prestigious, but there are hundreds of other records in myriad classes based on factors such as engine type and capacity, weight or body shape.

Does anything go 1000 mph? ›

Meet the world's first 1,000 mph car. 3 Oct 1997: General view of the Thrust SSC Car in action during the Supersonic World Land Speed Record Challenge at Black Rock Desert in Gerlach, Nevada. Team leader Andy Green holds a model of the Bloodhound SSC.

Who was the first motorcycle to go 300 mph? ›

CredR - The first rider to ever go over 300 mph was Don Vesco in 1975, on a 1496cc Yamaha-engined streamliner.

What is the fastest anyone has ever gone on a motorcycle? ›

The first official Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) record was set in 1920, when Gene Walker rode an Indian on Daytona Beach at 104.12 mph (167.56 km/h). Since late 2010, the Ack Attack team has held the motorcycle land speed record at 376.36 mph (605.69 km/h).

What was the first motorcycle to go 150 mph? ›

The Kawasaki GPz900R Employed A 908cc, Four-Cylinder Engine

It produced 115 horsepower and 83Nm (61 pound-feet) of torque, all of which helped it breach 150 mph.

Did John Wayne and Clint Eastwood get along? ›

Unfortunately, this dream proposition never came to be. These icons, instead of facing off in a pistol duel in the old West, were entangled in an off-screen feud initiated by Wayne. As the original face of the Western genre, he did not hold favorable opinions of the new gunslinger riding into town in Eastwood.

Does John Travolta own a motorcycle? ›

It was the first transportation when I came to Hollywood because it was inexpensive and easy for me.” Travolta owns a Harley, which was said to spur on his film 'Wild Hogs'.

Does Wesley Snipes ride a motorcycle? ›

And one of the best-known pieces of off-screen Snipes-lore is still the 135 mph chase he led cops on 10 years ago in South Florida. “I'm still riding the Kawasakis, you know,” he says, smiling.

Can Matt Damon ride a motorcycle? ›

Matt has ridden motorcycles in several Bourne movies including this year's Jason Bourne which features a critically-acclaimed motorcycle scene.

Can Matthew McConaughey ride a motorcycle? ›

Another celebrity who loves motorcycles is Texas-born actor, Matthew McConaughey. His ride of choice is a Triumph Thunderbird Sport. ... Triumph motorcycle Matthew McConaughey riding the Triumph motorcycle being shown off in an Instagram photo posted July 13, 2021.

Did Tom Cruise ride motorcycle? ›

Tom Cruise has performed an unnatural number of motorcycle stunts as an action star while riding the best ones available. Tom Cruise has cemented his name in the history of blockbuster cinema as one of its most bankable and profitable actors — and its arguably last movie star.

Which SOA members are real bikers? ›

SAMCRO takes its inspiration from the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club; the series includes special guest appearances by David Labrava (Happy), Chuck Zito (Frankie Diamonds), Rusty Coones (Quinn), and Sonny Barger (Lenny "The Pimp" Janowitz) who are real Hells Angels members.

Did Sons of Anarchy ride their own bikes? ›

Most actors can't ride motorcycles. They get on moving trucks, filmed behind handlebars that steer nothing more than the plot. Even Henry Winkler, as Fonzie in the 1970s hit Happy Days, couldn't stand to get on a bike.

How many SOA actors are real bikers? ›

The cast of Sons of Anarchy included four actors who are or were part of the Hells Angels motorcycle club – here's who they are and who they played.

Who was the original choice for Fonzie? ›

Micky Dolenz auditioned and was in the running to portray the Fonz, but the part ultimately was given to Henry Winkler. Fonzie was originally envisioned as a tall blonde male character. Arthur Fonzarelli was born to an Italian-American family.

Did Henry Winkler learn to ride a motorcycle? ›

Turns out, Winkler only “rode” a motorcycle in a handful of quick shots; perhaps most noticeably when pulling into Arnold's drive-in restaurant. “I was on the bike,” explained Winkler. “I was supposed to go about five feet…

Who turned down the role of Fonzie? ›

Winkler didn't want to play a role similar to Fonzie because he didn't want to be typecast. Unfortunately, Winkler agrees that he was a damned fool for turning the role down, because he didn't realize at the time that the typecasting ship had already sailed. Winkler said…

Did Jim Carrey ride a motorcycle? ›

Jim Carrey

In the early 2000s, the comedian treated himself to a custom Harley-Davidson Road King Classic, surprising even his loyal fans with his choice.

Who did Tom Cruise teach to ride a motorcycle? ›

'” said Efron. Efron said he told Cruise he did not and then Cruise invited him over to learn.

Does Bruce Willis ride motorcycles? ›

Bruce Willis likes to live on the edge. He rides his motorcycle fast. He does all his own stunts.

Was John Wayne a drinker in real life? ›

"Did he have a drinking problem? He might not have called it a problem, but he did enjoy his booze." Outside of this, Wayne was also known for his being outspoken on a number of topics about both Hollywood and the wider world.

Did Steve Jobs ride a motorcycle? ›

Though Apple CEO Steve Jobs' predilection for Mercedes Benz cars is well known, there was a time where he used to cruise around on a 1966 R60/2 BMW Motorcycle. Though Apple CEO Steve Jobs' predilection for Mercedes Benz cars is well known, the above photo shows Jobs riding a 1966 R60/2 BMW Motorocycle circa 1982.

Did John Wayne live with one lung? ›

Most known for his westerns, Wayne played a variety of roles in everything from war movies to romantic leads. He made more than 200 films. A heavy smoker, Wayne had most of his left lung removed in 1964 and died of complications from stomach cancer 15 years later.

In what episode of CHiPs did Erik Estrada get hurt? ›

Dog Gone
Episode #1x03
Air DateSep 29, 1977
Apr 23, 2022

Did Erik Estrada ride a motorcycle in CHiPs? ›

Erik Estrada couldn't ride a motorcycle when he won the part of Frank Poncherello in CHiPs. Erik completed an intensive 8-week course to learn how to ride prior to filming!

What happened to John Baker on CHiPs? ›

ANSWER: According to the Internet Movie Database, Larry Wilcox co-starred with Erik Estrada for five years on CHiPS, playing the role of Officer Jon Baker from 1977 to 1982. Wilcox left after the show's fifth season to begin his own (successful) production company.

What happened to Larry Wilcox on CHiPs? ›

After CHiPs

In 1982, Wilcox left CHiPs and formed his own production company, Wilcox Productions, which produced the award-winning TV series for HBO The Ray Bradbury Theater for five years.

Who was the EMT at the end of CHiPs? ›

CHIPS (2017) - Erik Estrada as Paramedic - IMDb.

What did CHiPs stand for? ›

"CHiPs," which stood for California Highway Patrol, followed the daily beats of two state motorcycle patrolmen as they patrolled the freeway system in and around Los Angeles.

Who holds the speed record for motorcycle? ›

The fastest motorcycles that are also street-legal have top speeds of around 250 mph. But all that is nothing compared to the motorcycle land speed record of 376.363 mph! The current record was set by rider Rocky Robinson on September 25, 2010, in Utah. Read on to learn how Robinson made motorcycle history.

Did Jon and Ponch really ride motorcycles? ›

The stars are Dax Shepard from Punk'd and Idicoracy who plays Jon Baker and Mexican/American actor Michael Peña as Ponch. Riders will be happy to see there are a lot of motorcycle stunts and that the lead actors actually ride.

How long did CHiPs last? ›

This is a list of episodes for the NBC television series CHiPs, which ran for 139 episodes over the course of six seasons, plus one reunion TV movie from October 27, 1998.

What was John Baker's truck from CHiPs? ›

1977 GMC K15 Fenderside, CHiPs

GMC only supplied a single truck to the production, and it was driven by one of the two main characters, Officer John Baker, so it had to last.

Did Ponch get married on CHiPs? ›

After Ponch meets Vanessa he says, "I'm gonna marry that girl." Beverly Adams, who played Poncherello's girlfriend Vanessa, was engaged to Erik Estrada at the time, but they in fact never married. Vanessa's car is a custom-built 1982 Mercury LN7 convertible.

Did Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada like each other? ›

Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada were often said to frequently clash, and did not get along well with each other during the production of this show. This was reported to be a factor in Wilcox's decision to quit the series.

Why did Randi Oakes leave CHiPs? ›

According to a 1983 article that appeared in People, a lack of time spent with husband Gregory Harrison led to the actress's departure from CHiPs. Oakes appeared on multiple editions of Circus of the Stars and was a frequent competitor on (and one-time host of) Battle of the Network Stars.

Why did Larry Baker leave CHiPs? ›

7. Why did Larry leave CHiPs? Larry decided to leave CHiPs because he wanted to pursue other creative projects. He didn't feel challenged on the show anymore and found the studio politics draining.

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