Connor Bedard 2022-2023 WHL Highlights (2023)


Connor Bedard 2022-2023 WHL Highlights, he will be this years 1st overall pick in the NHL draft and is regarded as a generational talent. All of the clips are in chronological order as well, enjoy!


Warrior ballast you'll get it ahead and here comes Bernard in left wing Circle the leaves with it cuts middle on his forehand Rich shot.

He scores.

He went with the changer and it fools Colby hay.

It's two still left but art again Bernard.

As soon as the levy scores, Connor Bernard threading, the needle the attacking line shovels it across the slot, but art score.

Connor Bernard in the middle of the ice, a one-handed geek and he absolutely lays out menohar I, believe that was how they got the shot off.

Nice left, Point, Berg's, wrist, shot knocked down in front rebound, but dard will score.

As the Pats cap points, fossil NADA Bedard left circle to the net shoots.

He scores right circle to the net weights to Bedard left Circle fakes, the shot now he'll take the shot scores.

Here's Bedard over the Edmonton line, right Circle, trying to dance his way to the net and they snap foreign scores and that's what the fans came to see.

Hats: intercepted the neutral zone, Here Comes Menard, in a hurry, Bernard Cuts in to the Netties 10 seconds into the game cutter, but seems to left now to Bernard.


The blue line hesitates still with it right now, set it up in front.

He scores.

Tanner Howell beats Mason Bullpen through the five hole and the Pats are back in bozell, knocked down to the line by zelotti penalty coming up here to Winnipeg a chance in front and Seuss delayable put it home in a rocket of his shot.

Even this up here before the period's outer wrister from the right Point Hal blocked it he's going to try to Spring Bedard trying to catch him.

His pool bedards.

In alone, he shoots he scores.

Connor Bedard is on the board his points.

Three lit up the wall, Patton flips it to the Blue Line, kept in by Bateman now house sets up a dirty scores.

5-2, Regina and keeping him grounded and keeping him focused on hockey.

He's got two tonight and a steal and uh and a goal for Bedard he's got the hat-trick extra gear.

He can just a hit of a button.

You find Howe shot off the post and he remains at three goals to that.

But Dart he'll skate the length of the ice badart in pulls and shoots and scores yeah.

That's what we knew was possible as padard Let, It Go, and that draws a crowd inside not the right side of Conor Bernard, but our drinks and shoots he scores.

Here's Bernard! He shoots.

He scores.

Welcome back what a shot by Carla, Bedard rips it up from the left.

Circle has to work it in further, but the paths again intercept and they'll Slug It Out to Center Here, Comes Bedard racing in down the left wing side.

Bedard stops up bottom left, Circle spins to his forehand back door, pass tapping they score.

Boria vallis left open on the back door.

He makes no mistake in the Pats Take the one-nothing Lead.

Oh there's a lot of Defense trying to get a hold of this Puck, as is Presley Kerner, but he's forced to play it out through Center Ice, says here's, but our little chip pass he's in 2-1-1 Bernard pass across one timer Suites the levy scores.

Oh, what a play in the neutral zone there by Conor Bedard that leads to Alexander Here Comes Bernardo through Center ice, but art right side, he's going to drive right wing through the Lays backhand pass in front back door tip they score.

Oh, my goodness, Tic Tac Toe the Pats make it six, nothing on a goal from Boreal Sim and the rebound is kick loose and look.

Go here.

Come the pass.

It's a jailbreak to Center left wing side how in front Bernard Rich shot.

He scores it's up to the power play top of the slot feeds it across Bernard rips.

The shot scores, try to go up top and it's poked up by Bernard short-handed opportunity.

Here we go here.

We go Bernard scores! It's a delayed penalty.

It's Fed Up the ice years, but already he's got one more to be in over the blue line right side.

He shoots scores Center Hansen for Saskatoon back to Bedard of the high point now to the high Circle.

He shoots.

He scores the boards to put our short-handed opportunity into two on one with Whitehead Bernard of the blue line right side centered in front here.

He took him off and now a lead pass.

Bernard's got a breakaway here.

He comes to the net scores I.

Think this one over the Portland line tries to center it to Bedard it's up in the air and a big hit by Bernard right and now lifty going out, sues, 11 again skates in looking back door for Bernard takes it off a bounce and heads up top Conor Bedard left circle now drag so the middle and fires he scores play goal for Conor Bedard as he gets the Pats off and runs to flip it down.

Lowes Falls will intercepts clears it down the ice for Bernard potential Breakaway to the net.

He scores at the midpoint walk into the circle.

Nice little move to the high slide, shoots scores.

Wow I, just have to be careful here: Connor Bedard, he's in on a breakaway behind the defense, Bedard backhand, forehand scores, Connor, Bedard, picks up the rebels.

Turnover goes in alone, scores at the left point.

He surveys comes up to the left: half wall passes into the slot back door, shot scores, wow what a pass by Bedard and what a shot by sues.

The left rips that one forged here by Keegan slain against it box scores British Columbia up the middle finds Bernard he's over the Blue Line in the slot.

Cutting he shoots.

He scores the left to Bernard over the moose jaw line right side drags scores, Bernard now Dallas over the line centered in front to Bernard, but he got tangled up in front.

The puck goes in, though, and they're like What's.

The call right here I think the puck went in getting back first Rosal at the left side over to Bedard in the middle pump fake, starts to his right and sends it back door for a shot, scores, great vision by Bedard to spot Tanner Howe in the PA Bedard Fresh Off, the Bench picks it up goes between his feet on Ludwig Bedard at the left, Circle driving wide stops up behind the Raider net, a bad angle, shot scores, there's no such thing as a bad angle.

When Bernard shoots not like that, he stopped up and from below the goal line found some Davis left, kill spot Bedard at the right side, Bedard walks to the middle fakes.

It takes it scores.

Connor Bedard has 50.

that one pinballed around in front and found its way through Hildebrand front to geeky and it's broken up.

Here's Bernard he's got his feet.

Moving short-handed with how, in over the Winnipeg line in the high slide nice little move left side shoots trying to go find.

Well, they score.

This place is going bananas just choose to laugh this shot and Hauser fights that off his Bernard settles it down most job Chuck out of the box, shot scores, changes, sponsors, fossil high slide, shoots the high slot loading up right side, the weight, Center that point down low supposedly in front to Bernard, he's jamming away.

He scores and look at this.

We have to the goal: yeah Bedard was cross-checked just under the chin, right after he put home his own rebound and obviously the Regina Pats aren't gonna like that I'm, not actually sure who that was, who crossed, checked Bedard in front.

Nonetheless, though, Suez the left found Bedard in front and he banged away at the loose outside stops up near the line.

Stringer dropped past Bernard walks and he shoots he scores.

Now they lose it.

But art behind the net comes to the near side, spins away from one centers at Cross ice.

They shoot the score.

Connor Bernard sets up the Pats opening goal of the hockey game, followed by mullendix who's.

The left gets away from it into the middle Bernard shoots and scores.

Connor Bernard makes it 4-1 pass to Center sues.

The left.

You know with the blue line, drop, pass.

Bernard High slot loads up shoots in a season trying to bounce passive to himself, but Bateman able to turn and get it back.

Oremba now for Bedard trying to jump around Sanderson shoots and scores, Connor Bedard makes a two-nothing Regina gotta go back line, Sanderson a shot blocked by Bedard and Connor Bedard away through neutralize in over the blades line.

Trying to split the defense does cut some front scores.

That is just a special play by a pretty special player.

His second goal of the hockey Bernard points at the center trying to split the defense.

He does he's all a little bit hard slides it up top here's Bernard right side, Drive fire still with it, gives disposal Bernard prize a one-timer and scores Bernard at the top of the left wing.

Circle little give and go with stanislav's fozel and his shot beats Ethan way through Bernard stops left side across one timer Bernard over the line right side, shoots comes one on three over the line.

Little drag, move and he's forced to the left board feeds it across Beekman, Chris shuts up by the whole shorthand in a one-on-one, the other way right, Circle little dragon suits, but Second Chance gets it to Bedard on his off winging over the blades line, trying to put it around the legs Cuts wide on right, Circle, the net tries to Center in loose Puck at the side of the beating up the ice to Bidar to one on one against cannione over the line.

Nice little move putter to the net, oh there's been art again makes the move to the high spot, he's in shoots.

One rebound where's, the department right side drags.

He holds on to his backhand and Ellis Center Bernard in over the line.

Bedard toe drags around a man moving in same man, Reba shot another big, save foreign.


Is Connor Bedard the best prospect? ›

1 in the 2015 draft, Connor Bedard is on the same trajectory in being pegged as this year's top eligible draft prospect, Central Scouting director Dan Marr said Friday. “He's right up there with Connor McDavid, it's just the next generation,” Marr said in touting Bedard's quickness, shot and ability to read and adapt.

Is Connor Bedard better than McDavid? ›

Connor Bedard — 2023

Bedard is just as prolific, if not a slightly more prolific scorer than McDavid was as a junior. The distinction would be the athletic traits. McDavid was a much bigger player, and while Bedard skates well, McDavid is the best skater in the world and was a far better skater at the same age.

Why is Connor Bedard so good? ›

Along with having a dynamic shot, Connor Bedard is a game-changer with his speed. Bedard was able to use his speed to get to open pucks and get breakaways which allowed him to score so many goals. His speed also allows him to backcheck to break up the other teams.

Who is drafting Connor Bedard? ›

With the first-overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft, the Chicago Blackhawks select Regina Pats phenom and Vancouver, B.C. native Connor Bedard.

Who is top hockey prospect Bedard? ›

Connor Bedard (born July 17, 2005) is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL). Considered one of the greatest ice hockey prospects of his generation, he was selected first overall by the Blackhawks in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft.

Who is the projected number one pick in the NHL Draft 2023? ›

Connor Bedard, the projected No. 1 pick in the 2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft, is in his third season with Regina of the Western Hockey League.

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