Bukas na pong muli ang ACTION CENTER ng RAFFY TULFO IN ACTION para sa mga walk-in complainants na nais dumulog sa Wanted sa Radyo/Raffy Tulfo in Action!

Maaari na po kayong pumunta sa aming tanggapan sa TV5 Media Center, Reliance Cor. Sheridan St., Mandaluyong mula 9:00AM-3:00PM, tuwing Lunes hanggang Biyernes.

Mangyari lamang po na magdala ng vaccination card at huwag nang magsama ng bata. Kung kayo naman ay senior citizen o may karamdaman, magpadala na lamang po kayo ng inyong representative sa aming tanggapan.

Gaya po ng aming paalala, LIBRE at WALA PONG BAYAD ang serbisyong aming ibinibigay kaya 'wag na 'wag po kayong magpapaloko sa mga scammers na mangangako na pauunahin kayo sa pila at maniningil ng bayad.


Nice having you here, sir, yes, sir, and you don't seem to look like a guy who has a problem: Oh I'm, a guy, that's uh, you know just trying to survive on faith right now.

I have a little bit of money left in my bank.

Account I believe that I still have you know an opportunity to make it um I do day trading, but you know you look like again from MMA yeah but anyway so you're here because of Nina K Nina K is her Alias I'm, not sure what her real name is.

How did you meet her um on Peanut love? It's a dating app, okay, yeah, so I'm, basically here trying to expose her okay shed light on her bring her to Justice, if possible, all right hopefully find someone that can bring her out of you know the Shadows, wherever she's hiding um I.

Just can't believe that a woman would video call you face to face and believe that she can get away with doing what she's doing to people.

How was she able to convince you to you giving her a lot of money? Sir? Well, because she convinced me that she was a charitable Soul.

She had a good heart and I believed it, because I don't know if you can see her pictures.

No, that's her! Oh that's her! How old is yeah she's, supposedly 28 years old, but um? She looked pretty though In fairness, yeah yeah I, mean I, mean look at that face like that's a that's a wolf in sheep's clothing right there.

If you've ever seen one did you really talk to her yeah I talked her on video time to her I have witnesses of her.

Did she tell you what kind of work she does? She says she has a human resourcing company and she has a Drop Shipping business and she's very successful at it.

She showed me pictures uh donating to charity, like you know, pictures where she's donated the charity and steak dinners that she's eating in Dubai, like wow I, didn't care about the money when I started talking to her I thought she was just cute.

I thought she was right: uh, genuine um, just good Filipina I came out here to meet a you know, Philippine and also work and I heard that you know Filipinos are good-hearted and good natured and that's why I was kind of you never had the chance to uh meet her in person.

So I didn't ask her for a government.

Id I didn't I didn't get to meet her in person um, but I video called her, and that was enough for me that I thought you know she was authentic.

I thought she was real.

How did you send the money to her to a bank account? No, no! It's a through a website called banana shops.

I mean it's very it's a very professional job.

I mean it's a it's a whole Syndicate of people I believe that are working together to scam people.

It's it's not like.

Just a run-of-the-mill, like you know, just you know, kind of you know: average scammer, she's, very professional she's, very, like all the customer I spoke to customer support right on the app and they seemed like they were very legitimate.

They seemed you know very professional, very well spoken great etiquette, English uh, very articulate I mean they're they're, you know their English was was Sublime.

It was perfect, so it more it added more credibility to the shops right.

You know.

So how much money were you able to send her um? It was overall, it was about twelve thousand dollars or about 650 000 pesos, more than half a million pesos yeah yeah and embarrassingly yeah I I did I just trusted her.

So much I even said Nina.

Are you a scammer? Are you scamming me and she's like you're thinking too much? You know you're overthinking, like you know, my mom was telling me she was a scammer.

The whole time and I didn't listen to my own mom in that regard, but uh yeah um, it's just it's a shame.

Man I! You know I can't believe I'm here right now.

To be honest, so I said, but I have to ask you this at what point did you notice that she's, a fake he's, a scammer I think when they asked me for more money to get the money out of the shop? They they asked me for five thousand dollars.

I said Nina.

Are you gonna? You know you're gonna put this up right because it's hard to explain, but she actually gave me twenty thousand dollars towards a bulk order that came in on this website.

She gave me twenty thousand dollars um supposedly to my shop, to my wallet address, but really it's just run by her and her Syndicate, her oh yeah, okay, right so yeah, it's it's like I said it's.

You know it's it's more than her I think just working behind the scenes.

It's a whole group effort that you know they put that she has.

You know, that's.

You know scamming a lot of people.

You know, unfortunately, on the line is Mr.

Efren abantau he's the executive officer of the NBA cyber crime division.

Sir hello, sir good afternoon, Mr Brendan uh nice come um uh.

What Brandon has told us uh.

It seems to us that these are professional people, professional scammer, trying to scam foreigners.

So is there any way that we can interrupt these people or is there any way that anybody can do? Sir para? Mahoney attorney.

Sorry excuse me, sir: is this cryptocurrency the way you you've actually said, yeah usdt, so yeah? It was actually cryptocurrency sent through binance.

In fact, she sent money to my wallet through binance as well, so I believe that she has to verify her profile on binance.

So that's why I asked the authorities, the police here to help but I kind of haven't they're kind of been in responsive in getting back to me um, because it's very hard to trace.

Maybe they don't have that capability, the technology to do that.

You like the NBA, but they have the authority, so I need their authority to say they just have.

You know reason to suspect, like there's um, suspicious activity happening on this watch, that's hard to be traced actually uh, my my chance.

So it's okay, very good.

So what we're gonna do? Uh, Mr Ephraim will get a company Mr Brandon to your office, maybe tomorrow.

So you could talk to her and maybe get more information about her his case, so how we can help Mr Mr Brandon.

So, sir, tomorrow we're gonna have company to the NBI.

The NBA will do everything they could.

Let's see if uh the kids yeah I mean if anybody knows who she is and comes forward like I would be even be willing to offer like a reward.

You know some of that money if I can get it back.

You know because it's like she pretty much took me for everything that I had.

If she had it her way, she would have taken every last Peso from me.

Every last penny that I had to my name.

Were you able to talk it's a little story? It's very elaborate, and it's very you know, were you able to talk to her accomplices.

Um no I mean I spoke with them on customer support through banana shops right, but you know they.

Jenny I mean Amanda two people, that's that that works there behind the scene, um customer support, I, don't know it's kind of oh, sir.

Yes, okay! Well, you want to to uh, be introduced to a sincere Filipina girl, Cherie she's blushing, oh, how about Sherry, no I'm, just I'm, just I'm, just kind of having a pep talk just to perk you up.

What do you think of Sherry? She seems like a nice girl.

I didn't care about the money, no offense, like that's great, that you have money, and that was just an extra bonus for Nina, but I didn't care about her money.

I cared about her heart.

I thought she was charitable or Genuine sincere, sweet, empathetic kind.

You know compassionate loving all these things and she just turned out to be a monster.

A wolf in sheep's clothing I mean it's I'm, I'm making light of it, but it is very serious, like my life is kind of hanging in the balance here you know, I, don't know whether I'm gonna have to go back to America or am I.

If I'm going to be able to stay here, it's you know, it's very serious.

May I ask her: what do you do for a living? Well, I do day trading I work online from pretty much anywhere in the world that I want, which is great, but I'm still getting I'm like I'm like a flower, that's just barely blossoming right now.

You know it's blossoming right now.

Also a flower brushing, oh see yourself.

So what do you think of Mr, Brandon I? Think he's nice? Okay.

Thank you.

First time, I saw him at the action centers and I was like.

Oh, he looks good.

Oh my gosh I'm, not good! Compliments! That's my weakness so but she's not taking it.

Yeah she's, she's, free man anyway, I I, hope you don't take offense, oh no, not at all I'm, just like I I, just I hope to meet someone that has a good heart.

You know.

That's that's awesome, but yeah.

But again, I would like to apologize to you for your bad experience with uh.

This girl Nina K, like you said, not all Filipinos like her yeah I'm, very, very nice they're sincere when they meet people and they they give it all.

Yeah I mean that's what I.

That's what I understood too? That's why it's so like they come to love somebody.

If this happened in America I would have never trusted it because I know you know, there's Americans they're, it's a mess right now in America people like Nina they're, the ones that give a bad name too.

Sadly, the Filipino email, that's Nina.

Okay, that's her all right and you don't have her phone number I have three different phone numbers that she use telephone number or that, but you don't know her address or office.

No, that's what I'm trying to find out I'm trying to find out a family member or where she might work at what office.


You know: okay, okay, um yeah.

What high school she went to what college she went to uh she has a Facebook profile.

So how long did the relationship last before you suspect about six weeks to two six months in the two months, Time video calling you didn't invite her to have a lunch yeah.

She was coming back on the 20th that she wants me to pick her up from the airport and she wants to.

You know she wants me to be the one she you know and did she did she mention of a province was a city where she's at no.

She said she was in Dubai Dubai, Emirates yeah.

She was like the hotel she had to leave to Dubai when I first started.

Talking to her.

That's why she said.

I didn't want to talk to you she's very unassuming, she's, very unsuspecting because she didn't have any agenda.

It didn't seem like she had any ulterior motives that she was just you know genuinely wanted to just get to know me wanted to.

You know sure you know we should make a man.

We will post her face all over our Facebook accounts and make sure that somebody might know her yeah and might tell her that hey uh, Brandon LaSalle is looking for you and wanted Sarai just looking for you.

That would be, and then tomorrow we're gonna accompany into the NBA.

If you want to pursue a case against her, absolutely yeah I mean I.

You know I just want to bring I want to show.

You watch me back she's, probably watching right now.

Would you like to say something and give her a message? Sir um yeah I.

Just think that just don't think that you could put your face out there and just do whatever you want to do.

Take take money from people Nina or whatever.

Your name is whatever you know: um I, probably just do the right thing and give the money back that you stole from people.

Try to have a heart.

God gave you a sound mind of power and love not to destroy people's lives and families.

You know, but to you know, do good in this world.

You know fight the good fight, that's what I try to encourage people and uplift people.

That's why I was so.

You know such a blow to me like to see Humanity at that low of a level.

You know that.

That's why you know I just uh stooped to that level.

It's just shocking to me.

I can't believe, there's a human being on the planet.

That would you know, be that way and do that to people it's just it's a it's astounding, okay, yes, sir, so tomorrow uh we're gonna accompany to the nvi yeah.

Okay, and thank you that would be so great.

Thank you.

So much so I appreciate you.

Thank you for coming over.

Thank you.

Thank you say.

Thank you.


Thank you very nice to meet you pleasure, she's, she's trembling when she shook your hands I'm falling out of my chair.

Oh thank you.

Mr Brandon you're welcome.

Thank you, nice talking to you so much it's a pleasure! Thank you all right, Brandon in Spanish, Ronnie, foreign.

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