$50,000 PENFED Personal Loan in 48 Hrs! Bad Credit OK NO PROOF OF INCOME! (2023)


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Welcome back to the channel, ladies and gentlemen, so in this video we're going to talk about how you can get a 50 000 personal loan and how you can get approved without having to show any proof of income, we're also going to talk about the requirements in what credit bureaus, they actually check for you to actually get approved for this loan.

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Even if you are a startup, go ahead and check this out after the video link will be in the description and in the pinned comments.

Okay, so you can get approved for this particular personal loan.

If you are a pin fed credit union member, if you are not a member of pin fed, you want to definitely go ahead and apply.

They may pull your credit.

It may be a soft pool in order for you to get approved for their membership.

Now, when it comes to this particular personal loan, they are checking experian and it is going to be a soft pull.

It will not be a hard pull, so you don't have to risk getting a hard inquiry on your credit report, because if you do have too many hard inquiries on your credit report, you can be denied for loans lines of credit, and things like that.

If you have too many hard inquiries, even if you have a high credit score, banks will deny you and financial institutions will deny you if you have way too much inquiries, because it makes you look like you're, desperate to get funding or desperate to get credit.

So this particular loan starts off at a 4.99 apr.

Now you can use this loan for debt, consolidation, home improvement, transportation, medical and dental expenses, as well as life events like if you need to pay for a wedding so on and so forth, so their terms do go up to 60 months.

The loan goes up to fifty thousand dollars.

You can pay this off early.

There is no origination fee.

There is no hidden fees and a big thing is: you can also get this loan without having to show proof of income.

They go off of stated income, so you can go ahead and apply for this loan and also be able to not show proof of income.

They will be checking experian and they'll be doing a soft pull.

So you really don't have anything to risk.

If you feel like you can qualify for this loan.

So once you do that, you can select from pre-approved offers, you will not have to wait very long to get the the loan.

If you are approved, you should be able to receive a direct deposit of the funds within 48 hours.

So now, when it comes to your credit score, I would recommend that you have at least a 650 now anything under a 700 credit score usually is considered from fair to bad credit.

Now, also keep in mind just because you have a 650 does not mean that you will get approved so say.

For instance, you have between a 650 and a 689 credit score and you're looking to get 50 000.

This is pretty much showing you what your payments and your estimated annual apr would be.

So if you stretch this out to 60 months, you'll be looking at at least an eleven hundred dollar per month.

Payments on a fifty thousand dollar loan.

So that's something to keep in mind if you are under a seven hundred credit score.

This is what your payments could look like now again.

This is an estimate.

It is not guaranteed that you will get this type of payment range and this type of annual apr.

You can kind of play around with this calculator to get an estimate.

So if you had between a 690 and a 759, you could possibly lower the payments would be possibly a hundred dollars per month less and that's what the fifty thousand dollar loan, as well as a payment term of 60 months and then, if you have over a 760 up to an 850.

This is an estimate of what your payments would look like.

So again, you can check your rate without affecting your score.

They will do a soft pull.

Also, these personal loans are unsecured.

You do not have to submit any type of collateral or anything for these personal loans.

They have stated that in the faqs right here, so you don't need to put up any type of collateral, like your house or your car, to secure the loan.

There are no application fees and in order to apply for this loan, you do not have to actually be a member to apply, but you will need to become a member if you are approved for the loan and you want to accept the loan and from my understanding anyone can actually apply and become a member of pin fed credit union.

So all you have to do was would be to go to join now and you can join within three easy steps.

So it says right here that anyone can become a member is open to everyone.

So, in order to become a member, all you need to do is have five dollars for an initial deposit for your savings account.

You can open up a checking account if you want to, but you at least need to have a savings account with them.

It is worth actually signing up with them because they're one of the top.

Actually, I think they may be the second largest credit union in the united states.

They also have a lot of benefits that they offer.

They have great loan products and stuff like that, so it is worth going ahead and signing up with them, and here is some of the discounts that they offer.

If you were to get a car through them, they offer gap insurance, mechanical breakdown protection, they have a car buying service.

You get discounts with different insurance companies, auto insurance companies.

You get car rental discounts when it comes to your finances.

You get discounts on different software like h, r block software or actually they're in office tax prep, and then the turbo tax software.

You get a discount with that as well, so they have a lot of different discounts that they offer through their membership.

So if you found this video valuable make sure that you like this video subscribe to this channel, hit the bell I kind of receive notifications on when I release new videos also make sure that you comment down below.

If you have any questions.

Thank you and I will see you in the next video you.


Does PenFed require proof of income? ›

Verifiable Income: You'll need a job to qualify for a loan. Documents such as pay stubs, bank statements, and W-2s prove you have a steady source of income and that you earn enough money to repay what you borrow.

How to get approved for a 50K line of credit? ›

For a loan of 50K, lenders usually want the borrower to have a minimum credit score of 650 but will sometimes consider a credit score of 600 or a bit lower. For a loan of 50K or more, a poor credit score is anything below 600 and you might find it difficult to get an unsecured personal loan.

Is it hard to get a $50,000 personal loan? ›

Getting a $50,000 personal loan can be easy if you meet the qualification requirements. A good to excellent credit score typically makes it easier for a borrower to get a loan, while individuals with bad credit may find it difficult.

Is it easy to get a loan from PenFed Credit Union? ›

Despite these excellent terms, PenFed personal loans aren't especially hard to get. The minimum credit score for approval is 650. PenFed personal loans are only available to people who join Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

Does PenFed Credit Union verify income? ›

Income verification: Recent pay stubs, bank or retirement account statements, tax returns. Identity verification: Copy of government-issued photo ID, newest utility bill, Social Security card.

What will the bank accept as proof of income? ›

Paystubs and Other Documents to Prove Income

Employment Verification Letter: An employment verification letter verifies income or salary and dates of employment. Bank statements: Your bank statements document all of your incoming deposits, including payroll deposits, and the checks and debits coming out of your account ...

What is the monthly payment on a 50000 loan? ›

The monthly payment on a $50,000 loan ranges from $683 to $5,023, depending on the APR and how long the loan lasts. For example, if you take out a $50,000 loan for one year with an APR of 36%, your monthly payment will be $5,023.

Can a person with a 500 credit score buy a 45k house? ›

Anyone with a minimum credit score of 500 can apply for an FHA loan. But if you already have a 620 or higher credit score, it makes more sense to go for a conventional mortgage.

How to get a $25,000 credit limit? ›

To get a credit limit this high, you typically need an excellent credit score, a high income and little to no existing debt.

Is the $50,000 dollar loan real? ›

You can get a $50,000 loan from a traditional bank or credit union. Online lenders are also an option, and many feature a simple application process and fast funding times.

How to i qualify for $35,000 personal loan? ›

In order to qualify for a $35,000 loan, borrowers are generally required to have a credit score of at least 620. A good to excellent credit score not only gives you more options in terms of lenders, but it also improves your chances of approval and gives you access to the most flexible terms and lowest interest rates.

What credit score do you need to buy a 50k car? ›

A target credit score of 661 or above should get you a new-car loan with an annual percentage rate of around 6.40% or better, or a used-car loan around 8.75% or lower. Superprime: 781-850.

What is PenFed minimum credit score? ›

PenFed requires a minimum credit score of 650. While this score can help you qualify, it won't get you the most favorable terms. We recommend a score of 720 to receive the lowest interest rates and largest loan amounts.

What credit score do you need for a PenFed card? ›

Qualifying for a PenFed Credit Union credit card requires that you have good or excellent credit. What this basically means is you need a FICO score of 670 or higher.

How long does it take PenFed to approve a personal loan? ›

PenFed may approve you for a personal loan the same day you apply. After your application is approved and you accept the offer, it takes 1 - 2 business day to receive your funds, which PenFed will send to you by electronic bank transfer.

What is the income for PenFed? ›

How much does PenFed Credit Union in the United States pay? The average PenFed Credit Union salary ranges from approximately $46,156 per year for Member Services Representative to $243,000 per year for Director of Operations.

Does PenFed have a pre approval? ›

PenFed has pre-approval, but it only extends pre-approved offers via mail or e-mail, or to existing customers through their online account. PenFed does not have an online tool that interested consumers can use to check their pre-approval status.

What is the minimum opening deposit for PenFed? ›

A $5 deposit is all it takes to become a PenFed member. Let's grow together.

How do lenders verify proof of income? ›

To verify your income, your mortgage lender will likely require a couple of recent paycheck stubs (or their electronic equivalent) and your most recent W-2 form. In some cases the lender may request a proof of income letter from your employer, particularly if you recently changed jobs.

How can I prove my income without a bank account? ›

How to Provide Proof of Income
  1. Annual Tax Return (Form 1040)
  2. 1099 Forms.
  3. Bank Statements.
  4. Profit/Loss Statements.
  5. Self-Employed Pay Stubs.

How do you prove cash income? ›

You can buy a receipt book online or use an online tool to produce receipts. Show your tax returns. If you filed your tax returns correctly, they should show how much income you made in the previous year. These can be used as proof of income when you're paid in cash.

How much interest on a $50,000 loan? ›

The interest rate on a $50,000 loan from a major lender could be anywhere from 7.99% to 25.81%. It's difficult to pinpoint the exact interest rate that you'll get for a $50,000 loan since lenders take many factors into account when calculating your interest rate, such as your credit score and income.

How to pay off a $50,000 loan fast? ›

5 Ways To Pay Off A Loan Early
  1. Make bi-weekly payments. Instead of making monthly payments toward your loan, submit half-payments every two weeks. ...
  2. Round up your monthly payments. ...
  3. Make one extra payment each year. ...
  4. Refinance. ...
  5. Boost your income and put all extra money toward the loan.

How to pay off a 50k loan? ›

Here are six ways to make paying off $50,000 in student loans more manageable:
  1. Refinance your student loans.
  2. Find a cosigner to refinance your $50,000 loan.
  3. Explore your forgiveness options.
  4. Enroll in autopay.
  5. Explore income-driven repayment plans.
  6. Use the debt avalanche method.
Feb 2, 2022

What lenders work with a 500 credit score? ›

1. FHA loan: 500 credit score. FHA loans (mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration) have the lowest credit score requirements of any major home loan program. Most lenders offer FHA loans starting at a 580 credit score.

Can I get approved for a loan with a 500 credit score? ›

Yes, you can get a personal loan with a credit score of 500 if you have a steady source of income, but your choices are very limited. The best way to get a personal loan with a 500 credit score is to start by checking to see if you pre-qualify for loans from major lenders.

Can I buy a house with a 480 credit score? ›

FHA loan. FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and allow lenders to accept a credit score as low as 580 with a 3.5 percent down payment, or as low as 500 with a 10 percent down payment. These loans have rates comparable to other mortgage types.

What is the minimum credit limit for American Express? ›

Also, the CREDIT card has a limit, which is called the “credit limit”. At American Express, the minimum credit limit is $1,000. In general, a limit of $10,000 will be the one granted to you based on your record. You may very well have a higher limit like $20-30,000.

Which credit card usually gives the highest credit limit? ›

Highest “Overall” Credit Limit: $500,000

The winners of the nosebleed award for the highest credit limit among cards for mere mortals are these twins: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Chase Sapphire Reserve®, with annual fees in the mid-triple digits and high-double digits, respectively.

How can I raise my credit score 40 points fast? ›

Here are six ways to quickly raise your credit score by 40 points:
  1. Check for errors on your credit report. ...
  2. Remove a late payment. ...
  3. Reduce your credit card debt. ...
  4. Become an authorized user on someone else's account. ...
  5. Pay twice a month. ...
  6. Build credit with a credit card.
Oct 19, 2022

What is the Cup loan program? ›

The Caring Unites Partners (CUP) Fund is a financial assistance program funded by partners, for partners. In times of special need, such as losing housing because of a natural disaster or fire, a major illness, a death in the family and more, a partner can apply for a grant to help with certain expenses.

What is the biggest loan you can get from a bank? ›

Although borrowers can take out a personal loan for a variety of reasons, the maximum loan amount available from most lenders is $100,000 or less.

Do you need income to qualify for personal loan? ›

Not only is your income a crucial part of the qualification process on the lender's side, but it's also essential to your ability to repay your loan. Most lenders require proof of income to confirm your ability to meet repayment obligations.

Is it hard to get a 45K personal loan? ›

It's very likely that you will need good credit to secure a 45K personal loan. However, if you want to borrow a smaller amount of money and have bad credit, you may qualify. While ultimately we can't determine who qualifies or not based on simply speculation, we can give you insight.

How can I get a high amount of personal loan? ›

Maintain a high credit score

Your credit history consists of your loan and credit card dues repayment information. If you have paid all your dues on time, you will receive a high credit score, which is the most important determining factor for Personal Loan approvals.

Can I get a car with a 480 credit score? ›

Many lenders require a credit score above 650 to get a standard car loan. However, if you have a credit score of 550, 480 or even lower, and the bank or dealership denies your application, it is still possible to get a car loan. In fact, there is no score that is officially too low to get a car loan.

Can I get a loan with a credit score of 570? ›

A 570 credit score is considered fair. This means that you may still be able to get a loan, but you will likely be charged higher interest rates. The amount you can borrow will vary widely depending on the type of loan and the terms.

Can I get a car with a 410 credit score? ›

Car Loans with a 410 Credit Score

Less than 7% of auto loans go to people with a credit score in the 300-539 range, and the share of loans given to applicants with a 410 credit score in particular is likely just a small fraction of that. As a result, your odds of getting approved for a decent auto loan are slim.

What is the easiest PenFed card to get? ›

What is the easiest credit card to get with PenFed? Applicants with good credit scores are eligible to open any PenFed card. However, the PenFed Gold card appears to be aimed at lower-income consumers. If your credit score is low, you'll likely have the best shot when applying for the PenFed Gold.

Who qualifies for PenFed? ›


PenFed membership is open to everyone, including you.

What credit does PenFed pull? ›

Reports payments to only one major credit bureau: PenFed only reports payments to Experian, which is a rare drawback among lenders. This means if your credit report is pulled from TransUnion or Equifax, it won't show your personal loan's payment history. On-time payments typically help build your credit.

How long does it take PenFed to approve a credit card? ›

Typically, you'll receive PenFed's decision on your application within a few business days. Many applicants are approved much sooner than that. If you haven't heard back within a reasonable time frame, you can always call customer service to ask about the delay.

Do you have to be a member of PenFed Credit Union to get a loan? ›

Do I need to become a PenFed member to get my loan? No, you don't need to become a member to apply. However, should you choose to move forward with your loan, you'll need to become a member. It only takes a few minutes – anyone can apply!

What is the highest credit limit for PenFed? ›

The starting credit limit for the PenFed Power Cash Rewards card is $5,000 at a minimum, according to customer service. However, some cardholders report limits as high as $25,000. PenFed Credit Union does not include any specific PenFed Power Cash Rewards credit limit information in the card's terms, though.

How long does it take for PenFed to deposit a loan? ›

In general, all the funds of a deposit or transfer become available within five business days. The following list provides examples of transactions where all funds are immediately available: Cash. Checks drawn on PenFed.

Is PenFed a hard or soft inquiry? ›

While some credit unions carry out hard credit pulls when dealing with membership applications, PenFed only conducts a soft pull of your credit report to verify your identity.

What is required to join PenFed Credit Union? ›

You can apply online for PenFed membership by submitting a Regular Share account application (a standard share savings account) or a Premium Online Savings account application (an online-only account that may earn more dividends than a Regular Share account) and depositing a minimum of $5.

What are the requirements for PenFed membership? ›

  • ELIGIBILITY. Good news! PenFed membership is open to everyone, including you.
  • Provide Your Info. Enter your name, phone number, email, and address to get started.
  • Open An Account. Open your savings account with just a $5 initial deposit, and you're a PenFed member!

What are the requirements for PenFed application? ›

According to current PenFed membership requirements, all you need to do is open a regular savings account or a premium online savings account and fund it with $5. You may also become a member by applying for any other PenFed product, such as a money market account, a loan or a credit card.

What are the requirements to open a PenFed account? ›

A $5 deposit is all it takes to become a PenFed member.

Does PenFed run a credit check? ›

PenFed will also do a hard credit check when you apply, so your credit score could temporarily dip. Make a plan to repay the loan. PenFed reports payments to Experian, so on-time payments will help build your credit, but missed payments will hurt it.

Who does PenFed pull for credit? ›

The three credit bureaus are: Transunion. Experian. Equifax.

Can you open PenFed online? ›

You can apply for checking and savings accounts online even if you are not yet a PenFed member. Checking: Go to PenFed.org/checking for information about PenFed's checking account products, as well as information about additional benefits and features you can apply for like overdraft protection.

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